Roundwood and Light Clay Straw


In March we peeled some smallish logs and with the help of my dad, who was visiting for a week, started putting up the experimental roundwood timber frame for our utility building.

It’ll house our electrical breaker box and power drop from BC Hydro and the pressure tank and controls for our water well which is located next to the building.

I started with a rough plan and then sort of made it up as I went along. The walls are five inches of light clay straw or ‘slip straw’ – clay blended with water to form a light slip that is tossed salad-style with straw and then packed between plywood forms. Karen and I spent a few days making mud and mixing a stuffing. In a few months we’ll natural plaster the building. The Douglas fir rafters and roof planks came out of our huge pile of site-cut lumber.

With no electricity on site, it was therapeutic 16th century build of handsaws, drawknives and the tap, tap, tap of a mallet on a chisel.


IMG_5863IMG_5864IMG_5912IMG_6023IMG_6024IMG_6026IMG_6035IMG_6047IMG_6051IMG_6053dropshed partialIMG_6223IMG_6487IMG_6490


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