Have portable mill, will travel

big beams

‘So, do you have much experience milling timber?’ I asked Nate the sawmill man.

He just looked at me.

‘Yeah, I’ve probably milled about two million board feet’ he replied, eyes coolly fixed.

Right then.

So three days later we had 9,500 board feet of site cut lumber from our downed trees.

Amongst the vast timber spoils are 16 massive 6X12 inch by 15 foot long joists that will support the upper storey of our house. Twenty-seven nine foot long standing grain slabs from the biggest Douglas fir we toppled, which are destined for an epic feasting table and elephant proof doors. And enough planks to build our micro library to house my thousands strong book collection.


Nate working on board feet 2,000,9500

Nate working on board feet 2,009,500


The off cut pile

The off cut pile


2 thoughts on “Have portable mill, will travel

  1. oh my. its molly here, the mudgirl. that is builders porn you have there. the off cuts alone are making me itch.
    you folks are doing amazing work. Everything looks impeccable. congratulations on the beginnings of dream fulfillment!!

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